The community ecology of the musical canon

Mentor Name:
Fred Adler

Mentor Position:

Mathematics and Biology



Project Description:

Using compiled symphony programs from around the world over the last century, we will use tools developed to study ecological   communities, including mathematical models and statistical tests, to understand the development of the musical canon. How and when do new pieces or new composers enter the repertoire?   How are pieces lost? How different are programs in different parts of the world?

Opportunity Type:

Earn independent study credit; Prepare a UROP proposal; Write an Honors Thesis

Student Role:

Analysis of data using R, research in applying ecological theory in new areas, communication with musicians and music libraries.

Student Benefits:

Participant in research connecting the sciences in with the arts, develop mathematical and statistical skills.

Project Duration:

Two semesters, 10 hours per week (although this is flexible).

Minimum Requirements:

Some programming, mathematics through calculus, basic biology, some knowledge of and interest in classical music.