Study support for study ‘quality of life of support persons of persons with depression’

Faculty Name:
Heidemarie Lex


Faculty College:


Project Description:

This study aims to measure the quality of life of people with late life depression and their support persons.

Opportunity Type:

Volunteer; Prepare a UROP proposal; Write an Honors Thesis; Earn independent study credit

Student Role:

Recruiting and assisting participants and data transcription, entry, and maintenance.

Student Benefits:

Experience in clinical research, mentorship, and knowledge of qualitative and quantitative data collection processes and analysis.

Project Duration:

Until completion. Hours are flexible with a goal of 3-5 hours a week. You must be available for at least one 2 hour block to assist with study visits.

Minimum Requirements:

Dependable and detail oriented. Must attend study visits and interact with participants.