Retinal Research

Mentor Name:
Bryan Jones

Mentor Position:
Assistant Professor




Project Description:

Work in our lab explores the circuitry of the retina in normal retinas and also in various disease states like retinitis pigmentosa and age-related macular degeneration.

Opportunity Type:

Earn independent study credit; Prepare a UROP proposal; Write an Honors Thesis; This is a paid research position

Student Role:

Students will participate in wet lab techniques as well as computational approaches to data acquisition and analysis.

Student Benefits:

Authorship is possible if students are willing and able to contribute to the project. Previous students have presented at international meetings and authored papers.

Project Duration:

The project is ongoing and students can set their own hours. School work should be the primary focus however.

Minimum Requirements:

Willing to think and work hard. Be reliable and a team player. Basic coursework should include biology and chemistry.