Research Assistant to help with the project: Modulating Fibrosis to Improve Nerve Regeneration Outcomes

Mentor Name:
Wesley Warner

Mentor Position:
Sr. Laboratory Specialist




Project Description:

The most common and destructive form of clinical peripheral nerve injury is due to rapid-stretch trauma. Neuroma-in-continuity (NIC) is a pathophysiologic outcome frequently associated with these injuries, where fibrosis and inflammation create a microenvironment which inhibits axonal regeneration. This project aims to modulate fibrosis through therapeutic agents with the hope of preventing neuroma formation and associated neurologic deficits.

Opportunity Type:

Volunteer; This is a work-study research position

Student Role:

Students will primarily assist in histologic techniques such as tissue processing, IHC staining, microscopy/imaging, and data analysis with the potential for expansion.

Student Benefits:

Basic/translational research experience. Potential to learn surgical and tissue harvest techniques, and expansion to other projects. Opportunity for publication.

Project Duration:

5-10 hours/week for project duration, through FY of July 2022, but we have numerous ongoing clinical/basic projects. Commitment/flexibility can be discussed during interview.

Minimum Requirements:

1. Good work ethic 2. Reliable 3. Good personal and communication skills 4. Interest in neuroscience, neurotrauma, translational research, medicine