Research Assistant for Social Cognition and Intergroup Perception Lab

Mentor Name:
Becky Neufeld

Mentor Position:
OUR Certified Mentor


Social & Behavioral Science


Project Description:

The SCIP Lab is looking for reliable, dedicated research assistants (RAs) for an Implicit Bias and STEM Gender Representation project. This project studies how academic major-level implicit bias relates to faculty gender representation within academic departments. This is the first step in a larger research project on how implicit bias relates to cues of systemic bias within academic departments.

Opportunity Type:

Volunteer; Prepare a UROP proposal

Student Role:

Work is online and requires 3-9 hours each week. Responsibilities include data collection and Qualtrics survey creation. There is potential to work on other research as well

Student Benefits:

RAs are welcome to attend our lab meetings as well as a monthly undergradaute seminar we host based on our RAs interests.

Project Duration:

Project will last at least another year, and RAs are asked to commite to between 3 and 9 virtual hours a week, depedning on their preferences.

Minimum Requirements:

No previous research experience is required. RAs will be given all the training they need in the lab.