Pilot Study of Mindfulness and Acupuncture in the Context of Cancer-Related Pain

Faculty Name:
Lisa Taylor-Swanson


Faculty College:


Project Description:

Research Overview: Cancer-related pain (CRP) is commonly experienced during and after treatment, with 56% of 5084 European adults surveyed experiencing moderate to severe pain at least monthly, 41% of those surveyed reported use of opioid medication, and 69% reported difficulties with activities of daily life (Breivik et al., 2009). Current standards of care for CRP vary by type and cause of pain; however, given concerns regarding opioid misuse and overdose, safe and effective non-opioid interventions must be developed

Opportunity Type:


Student Role:

Inform, consent and enroll participants onsite at Huntsman Cancer Institute.

Student Benefits:

Research experience; working with senior and junior-level faculty; direct mentoring; direct participant contact and experience; publications if student is interested.

Project Duration:

6 months; 10-20 hours per week onsite at Huntsman Cancer Institute. We need a student asap and the position is unfunded.

Minimum Requirements:

Excellent interpersonal, communication and organizational skills, 100% dependable and reliable; oncology and basic science knowledge preferred but not required.