Part Time Lab Technician

Faculty Name:
Diane McVey Ward


Faculty College:


Project Description:

Determine the role of Abcb10 in red cell hemoglobinization using tissue culture, metabolic analyses and transcriptional profiling. Abcb10 is a mitochondrial membrane transporter that utilizes ATP hydrolysis to export a metabolite out of the mitochondria. This process is necessary for developing red cell hemoglobinization. We have generated a tissue culture cell line that has lost expression of Abcb10. These cells do not hemoglobinize. We will determine changes in mitochondrial metabolites and gene expression.

Opportunity Type:

Volunteer; This is a paid research position; Prepare a UROP proposal

Student Role:

An undergraduate will work directly with a lab technician and the PI to culture cells, transduce cells with a lentivirus, isolate mitochondria and analyze metabolomic data

Student Benefits:

Students will learn the workings of a research lab, learn common research techniques, review literature and assist in figure and manuscript preparation.

Project Duration:

The project will be for one - two years depending upon progress and the student will work up to 20 hrs/week.

Minimum Requirements:

Students must have courses in organic chemistry and preferrably cell biology with added benefit if they have taken biochemistry.