Molecular characterization of organoids derived from colon polyps

Faculty Name:
Don Delker

Internal Medicine

Faculty College:


Project Description:

This project focuses on identifying novel genes associated with the development of sessile serrated colon polyps. Sessile serrated polyps contribute to almost one third of all colon cancers. The expression of novel genes will be assessed in colon organoids derived from serrated colon polyps. Our long-term research goal is to better understand the molecular changes in serrated colon polyps that contribute to cancer development.

Opportunity Type:

Volunteer; This is a work-study research position; Prepare a UROP proposal

Student Role:

The student will isolate DNA and RNA from cell pellets and do PCR on specific gene targets. The student will also assist with antibody based diagnostics.

Student Benefits:

Learn valuable molecular biology techniques, learn how to develop and test scientific hypothesis, and work with a productive research team.

Project Duration:

Project will last a minimum of 1 year and will require 15 hours week.

Minimum Requirements:

Have taken basic biology class and plans to pursue a career in medicine or biological sciences. Eager to learn and dependable.