Machine Learning based lensless cameras

Mentor Name:
Rajesh Menon

Mentor Position:
Associate Professor

Electrical and Computer Engineering



Project Description:

By exploiting recent advances in machine learning, you will work in a small team to develop several uncoventional cameras. One example of a such a camera is a lensless camera that is extremely thin lightweight, yet able to perform high resolution imaging. Important applications in autonomous driving, drones, security, etc. will be explored.

Opportunity Type:

Volunteer; This is a paid research position; This is a work-study research position; Prepare a UROP proposal; Write an Honors Thesis; Earn independent study credit

Student Role:

Software engineering & some basic optical experiments.

Student Benefits:

Experience with Machine Learning and opportunities for publishing and presenting your work.

Project Duration:


Minimum Requirements:

Some experience with machine learning. Matlab. Motivation to learn.