Fish research assistant

Mentor Name:
Adam Douglass

Mentor Position:
Associate Professor

Neurobiology & Anatomy



Project Description:

The Douglass lab uses larval zebrafish and a related species called Danionella translucida to investigate the mechanisms by which neural circuits control behavior. We employ a variety of molecular, cellular, optical, and behavioral techniques to manipulate and record from neurons in behaving animals.

Opportunity Type:

This is a paid research position

Student Role:

Qualified applicants will help manage the lab's fish colony, with additional opportunities available to individuals demonstrating a high level of independence and commitment.

Student Benefits:

The student will become familiar with basic molecular biology techniques and gain exposure to the methods and questions of neuroscience.

Project Duration:

This is potentially a long-term position depending on funding and student interest. Starting time commitment is 5-10 hrs/week.

Minimum Requirements:

Introductory coursework in biology; upper-division courses in neuroscience, genetics, and related subjects preferred.