Edgar Lab, Huntsman Cancer Institute

Faculty Name:
Steve Pronovost

Oncological Sciences

Faculty College:


Project Description:

This position is in the lab of Dr. Bruce Edgar at HCI. Projects will examine genes that act as dedicated regulators of cell growth or the cell cycle, and then determine how these are controlled, upstream, by genetic programming and cell signaling and how, downstream, they regulate growth-related metabolism and the cell cycle control apparatus. This will be done by applying classical and molecular genetics, mosaic analysis, cell imaging, flow cytometry, and gene expression profiling in a number of different cell types.

Opportunity Type:

Student Role:

Basic lab support starting with maintenance of the lab drosophila (fruitfly) stocks, but expanding as the student develops expertise in molecular and cell biology techniques.

Student Benefits:

Exposure to a wide variety of molecular and cell biology techniques in a basic research lab.

Project Duration:

Candidates should have 2+ years remaining at the U of U. They should be available ~10 hours/week during the semester, and up to full-time during summers and school breaks.

Minimum Requirements:

Student should already have taken introductory courses in general biology and chemistry. Course work in Genetics is preferred, but not a prerequisite.