Data Progammer for Wireless Sensors

Faculty Name:
Molly Leecaster

Internal Medicine

Faculty College:


Project Description:

The goal is to characterize healthcare provider (HCP) interactions and behaviors that influence disease transmission. We will use two methods to characterize contact networks of healthcare providers (HCP) and Veterans. One method will be to use using wireless sensors worn by HCPs and placed in patient rooms. These sensors are wireless ranging-enabled nodes, or WRENs. We will also use the WRENs to assess hand hygiene (HH). We will compare WREN HH data to observation. We will link wireless sensor HH data to survey data.

Opportunity Type:

Volunteer; Write an Honors Thesis; This is a paid research position

Student Role:

Understand, explain, and modify computer programs that are used to program the wireless sensors and communicate with them. Sensors run on TinyOS with programs written in nesC

Student Benefits:

improve programming skills, learn new computer, programming, and data analysis skills, work with real (messy) data, learn about the research process, collaborate with a team

Project Duration:

2 years: 8-10 hours/week

Minimum Requirements:

Programming in C (some type of C). Experience with TinyOS and programming in nesC and Python. Familiar working in Linux