Data Collection and Analysis for Mental Health Services

Faculty Name:
Anne Asman


Faculty College:


Project Description:

The Summit County Partnership for Effective Mental Health and Substance Abuse Action has formed a task force to examine and make recommendations to expand access and capacity for mental health services in Summit County. This project has recently expanded and now also works with the Park City Health Department.  One of the work groups is for Data Collection and Evaluation. This group will determine what data is relevant, how to collect it, and identify key indicators for baseline, monitoring and analysis. The group needs someone who is interested and knowledgeable about research to help guide them.

Opportunity Type:


Student Role:

Student will help develop the research platform, advise implemention, guide analysis, and report to full task force with work group. Student must have own transportation.

Student Benefits:

Leadership role in highly visible and interesting project that will help build and support care for the Summit County community. Good potential publication project.

Project Duration:

Other than regularly scheduled monthly meetings in Park City, student can manage time as the project develops and progresses.

Minimum Requirements:

Knowledge of: research methods, research design, data collection and analysis, presentation skills, works well as part of a team, excellent communication skills.