Clinical Management of Anti-Depressants during Pregnancy

Faculty Name:
Catherine Sherwin


Faculty College:


Project Description:

This study encompasses a simple retrospective chart review. It entails a data query to be run which will generate a de-identified patient list of potential women on antidepressants during their pregnancy. That data will be analyzed to gain a better understanding of how these pregnant women are managed in regards to their antidepressant medication regimen during the course of their pregnancy.

Opportunity Type:

Volunteer; Write an Honors Thesis; Earn independent study credit

Student Role:

Describe the clinical pharmacology of antidepressant in a pregnant population. Define the change in indications for different classes of antidepressants. Write an abstract

Student Benefits:

For a student who is premed or pharmacy and interested in obstetrics/pregnancy this would be a good project.

Project Duration:

min 6 months, one day per week

Minimum Requirements:

majoring in a science, interest in medicine or pharmacy, in 3rd year of degree