Clinical and Biomechanical Outcomes in Patients with Lower Limb Pathology

Mentor Name:
Jesse Christensen

Mentor Position:
Research Assistant Professor

Physical Therapy and Athletic Training



Project Description:

We are conducting several clinical and biomechanical studies in our state-of-the-art motion capture laboratory at the VA Medical Center. Research opportunities would include interacting with patients with lower limb pathology (e.g. osteoarthritis, total joint replacement, amputees), collecting/processing clinical and biomechanical data. We are also using wearable technology and developing innovative treatment strategies to improve functional recovery in mobility-impaired adults.

Opportunity Type:

Volunteer; This is a work-study research position; Prepare a UROP proposal; Earn independent study credit

Student Role:

Students will learn to collect/process/import clinical (muscle, performance, motion) and biomechanical (kinetic and kinematic) data using several premier software packages.

Student Benefits:

Clinical and research experience with several patient populations. Opportunity for potential abstract and manuscript submissions based on experience and commitment.

Project Duration:

Specifics will be based on the project and student's commitment. This will be negotiated based upon initial interview (minimum of 6 hrs/wk for two semesters).

Minimum Requirements:

1. Good personal and communication skills 2. Junior or senior class preferred 3. Minimum of 6 hrs/wk for two semester commitment 4. Strong letter of support