City Climate Change Research Assistant

Faculty Name:
Devon Cantwell

Political Science

Faculty College:
Social & Behavioral Science


Project Description:

I am analyzing city climate action plans across the world and trying to find key themes, characteristics, and patterns of these climate action plans. Specifically, I will be focusing on Ho Chi Minh City, Buenos Aires, Seoul, and Mexico City, but will also be looking at other city environmental actions as needed for this project.

Opportunity Type:

Prepare a UROP proposal; Write an Honors Thesis or Senior Thesis; Volunteer; This is a paid research position

Student Role:

This RA would primarily be working to on document collection, interview transcription, database building, and translating (if you speak Vietnamese, Korean, or Spanish)

Student Benefits:

Help with preparing a UROP proposal or undergraduate thesis; access to data for use in independent research projects; payment

Project Duration:

5-10 hours per week; up to two years.

Minimum Requirements:

Basic technology proficiency, excellent communication.