Characterizing O2 Permeability of Catheter for Novel Patient Monitor

Mentor Name:
Kai Kuck

Mentor Position:




Project Description:

We have developed a urinary oxygen monitor and shown that its readings have an association with acute kidney injury, which has a high incidence e.g., in cardiac surgery (up to 30%). Currently there is no method to detect in time. We now seek to estimate bladder & kidney tissue O2 from our noninvasive sensor. For that we need to characterize the O2 permeability of urinary catheters. We have an initial lab set up in place, but it’ll take some clever experimentation and data analysis to really understand this.

Opportunity Type:

Volunteer; Prepare a UROP proposal; Write an Honors Thesis or Senior Thesis

Student Role:

The student will collaborate with a PhD student on this project, involving a mix of experimental design, bioengineering lab work, data analysis, and presenting.

Student Benefits:

Involvement in developing a new patient monitor in an applied bioengineering lab, learning scientific method, experimental design. Project might lend itself for senior thesis.

Project Duration:

Minimum of about 8h a week, but can be more, depending on how the project evolves. When to work can be somewhat flexible.

Minimum Requirements:

Willingness and being open to learn. Independent, self-starting, responsible. Enjoying working hands-on in lab but also analyzing data. Interest in applied bioengineering.