Biomedical Engineering Intern

Mentor Name:
Wade Fallin

Mentor Position:
Research Professor




Project Description:

Collaborate with biomedical engineers, orthopaedic surgeons and other orthopaedic health care providers to research, innovate and develop new orthopaedic implant systems to improve clinical outcomes for patients suffering from musculoskeletal injuries and disease.

Opportunity Type:

Volunteer; Prepare a UROP proposal

Student Role:

User needs & literature research, concept development, CAD design, CAD drawings, engineering analyses, rapid prototyping, CNC machining, biomechanical testing, cadaver labs.

Student Benefits:

This experience will enhance: 1) graduate research opportunities in biomedical engineering and health sciences, and 2) employment opportunities in the medical device industry.

Project Duration:

Project duration is Fall Semester 2021. The estimated number of hours per week is 10 minimum and 20 maximum.

Minimum Requirements:

Sophomore students (juniors and seniors are preferred) in Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or Materials Science & Engineering.