Undergraduate Research Mentor Development

Research Education will begin offering a Research Mentoring Certificate in Fall 2021

Faculty, staff, graduate students, and post-doctoral scholars who complete the Research Mentoring Certificate through Research Education will be eligible to serve as mentors for the purposes of the OUR's funding programs (UROP, SPUR, travel/small grants). Those who previously completed the URMDP (see below) continue to be eligible to serve as mentors.

2017-2021 Undergraduate Research Mentor Development Program

The Undergraduate Research Mentor Development Program (URMDP) curriculum was developed by Catherine Showalter and Rachel Hayes-Harb, and the first cohort of 14 mentors completed the program in Spring 2017. Between 2017 and 2021, a total of 245 mentors have successfully completed the program (facilitated by Elizabeth Archuleta, Alexis Christensen, Rachel Hayes-Harb, Doug McKay, and Christie Toth). In 2021, the URMDP curriculum became the foundation for Vice President for Research/Research Education Research Mentoring Certificate.

The purpose of the Undergraduate Research Mentor Development Program was to increase the capacity of the University of Utah to provide high-quality research mentors for undergraduate students by supporting Utah graduate student, post-doc, and faculty mentor development. The program involved six “modules” presented in online course format, in addition to five live meetings that used case studies to demonstrate issues that may arise in mentor-mentee relationships, and are intended to facilitate conversation and provide an opportunity for participants to work through problems collaboratively. Topics covered by the online modules and the case studies were organized around core mentor training competencies grounded in academic research (e.g. Pfund et al. 2013) and modified based on participant feedback and facilitator expertise.

Pfund C, House S, Spencer K, Asquith P, Carney P, Masters KS  McGee R, Shanedling J, Vecchiarelli S, Fleming M. A research mentor training curriculum for clinical and translational researchersClin Trans Sci. 2013; 6: 26 – 33.

OUR-Certified Mentors

Upon successful completion of the URMDP, graduate students and post-docs are eligible to serve in the place of ‘faculty mentors’ in the context of the Office of Undergraduate Research’s funding programs. If you completed the URMDP prior to summer 2021, you are considered an OUR-Certified Mentor for this purpose.

Beginning Fall 2021, mentors must be certified through Research Education. Once you have completed the REd Research Mentoring Certificate, you are automatically an OUR-Certified mentor. This status does not expire. You may, however, need to renew your certification through REd for any purpose outside of the OUR.

Please see below for a list of OUR-Certified Mentors:

Fatima Abbas (Fall 2018)
Colin Adamo (Spring 2021)
Klevis Aliaj (Fall 2018)
Jeremy Alpenglow (Spring 2021)
Autumn Amici (Fall 2017)
Sarah Apple (Fall 2018)
Elizabeth Archuleta (Fall 2018)
Keith Arlotta (Fall 2017)
Alysha Armstrong (Spring 2021)
Danny Bae (Fall 2019)
Sangeetha Balasubramaniam (Spring 2021)
Cindy Barba (Spring 2021)
Kaylee Barket Jones (Fall 2017)
Kaylyn Bauer (Spring 2021)
Kate Beebe (Fall 2019)
Julia Berger (Fall 2019)
Jared Bergman (Spring 2019)
Jake Bergquist (Spring 2019)
Shana Black (Spring 2020)
Emily Braley (Fall 2019)
Bill Brazelton (Spring 2019)
Colin Bretz (Spring 2019)
Mark Brinton (Spring 2019)
Mindy Brown (Fall 2019)
Thomas Brussel (Fall 2017)
Luke Bush (Spring 2019)
Kris Campbell (Spring 2018)
Tiffany Campbell (Spring 2020)
Devon Cantwell (Spring 2019)
Stephen Cavanaugh (Fall 2019)
Aparna Chakkalakkal Sankarankutty (Spring 2019)
Chantel Charlebois (Spring 2021)
Daniel Chavez-Yenter (Spring 2020)
Alexis Christensen (Spring 2017)
Ben Christensen (Fall 2017)
Cameron Christensen (Spring 2018)
Kevin Chui (Spring 2021)
Sam Clinard (Spring 2021)
TK Coody (Fall 2018)
Anne Cook (Fall 2019)
Carena Cornelssen (Spring 2020)
Sean Crossland (Spring 2018)
Brian Cottle (Spring 2021)
Emily Cunningham (Spring 2021)
Kali Dale (Spring 2018)
Kristen Davenport (Fall 2019)
Evan Davis (Spring 2021)
Michelle Debbink (Fall 2019)
Anna Deleray (Fall 2019)
Ana Beatriz De Paula e Silva (Spring 2019)
Carlene Deits-Lebehn (Spring 2018)
Rachel Detwiler (Spring 2021)
Maggie Doolin (Spring 2021)
Henrique Duarte (Spring 2019)
Celia Dunn (Fall 2018)
Julia Dunn (Spring 2021)
David Ede (Spring 2017)
Josh Edwards (Spring 2021)
Anna Eiring (Fall 2017)
Hallie Elich (Spring 2019)
Ashley Elrick (Spring 2018)
Navid Farhoudi (Spring 2020)
Brenden Fischer-Femal (Spring 2019)
Tanya Flores (Spring 2018)
Sarah Fogarty (Spring 2019)
Jenn Follstad Shah (Fall 2018)
Dale Forrister (Fall 2019)
Julia Franklin (Spring 2018)
Eric Fredrickson (Spring 2018)
Gina Frey (Spring 2021)
Daniel Fuja (Spring 2019)
Alexis Fulbright (Fall 2019)
Andrea Garfinkel-Castro (Fall 2017)
Sarah Elizabeth Garza-Levitt (Spring 2020)
Danielle Geerling (Spring 2018)
Paul Geimer (Fall 2019)
Jake George (Fall 2018)
Vincent Georgescu (Spring 2020)
Eleanor Gilmore-Szott (Spring 2020)
Kwynn Gonzalez-Pons (Spring 2019)
Chelsea Gosney (Spring 2020)
Wilson Good (Spring 2017)
Jenna Goodrum (Spring 2018)
Jake Graser (Fall 2018)
Daniel Greiner (Spring 2020)
Joseph Hackman (Spring 2020)
Mahlega Hassanpour (Fall 2018)
Nicholas Hebdon (Spring 2017)
Casey Hemmis (Fall 2017)
Susana Henriquez (Spring 2021)
Diane Hernandez (Spring 2019)
Monique Holt (Spring 2019)
Eli Horvath (Spring 2021)
Martin Horvath (Fall 2018)
Jennifer v Isenhour (Spring 2020)
Inese Ivans (Spring 2017)
Marta Iversen (Spring 2020)
Laurie Jackson (Spring 2019)
Alex Jafek (Spring 2018)
Anne Jensen (Spring 2021)
Julie Jeon (Spring 2018)
Carter Johnson (Spring 2021)
Kara Johnson (Spring 2020)
Lisa Johnson (Fall 2017)
Vanessa Johnson (Spring 2019)
Sima Jonusaite (Fall 2018)
Steve Kannenberg (Spring 2020)
Sharanya Kalasekar (Fall 2017)
Caitlin Kelly (Spring 2017)
Lauren Khazem (Spring 2019)
Robyn Kilshaw (Fall 2019)
William Kincannon (Spring 2018)
Thomas King (Spring 2020)
Dylan Klure (Fall 2018)
Fatemeh Koohestanmahalian (Fall 2019)
Madison A. Krall (Fall 2018)
Joey Krueger (Fall 2018)
B. Autumn Krogh (Fall 2017)
Eugene Kwan (Spring 2019)
Otto Lang (Spring 2020)
Dane Larsen (Fall 2019)
Eunjin Lee (Spring 2018)
Melanie Lee (Fall 2017)
Kate Lemons (Fall 2019)
Amy Lenz (Spring 2020)
Yifat Levenstein (Spring 2021)
German Lopez (Fall 2017)
Sara LoTemplio (Fall 2019)
Cielita Lopez-Lennon (Spring 2020)
Brian Loyd (Fall 2018)
Emma Luke (Spring 2020)
Dan Machin (Spring 2018)
Doug Mackay (Spring 2018)
Benjamin Mann (Spring 2020)
Jet Mante (Spring 2020)
Josh Marquardt (Fall 2018)
Cheryl Mathis (Spring 2021)
O'Connor Matthews (Spring 2021)
Kate Mattingly (Fall 2019)
Amy McDonnell (Spring 2020)
Lisa Meerts-Brandsma (Fall 2018)
Keegan Melstrom (Spring 2018)
M Metzger (Spring 2018)
Nico Metzler (Fall 2018)
Sudhajit Misra (Spring 2018)
Raziye Mohammadpour (Fall 2017)
Matthew Moody (Fall 2018)
Amy Morren (Fall 2019)
Stella Mosher (Spring 2021)
Casey Mullen (Spring 2020)
Ed Muñoz (Fall 2018)
Yeseul Nam (Spring 2020)
Becky Neufeld (Spring 2021)
Jasmine Norman (Spring 2018)
Camille Novis (Spring 2019)
Kate O’Farrell (Spring 2019)
Michael Olson (Spring 2019)
Kyla Ost (Spring 2020)
Kat Pagano (Spring 2019)
Guanning Pang (Fall 2019)
Michael Papadakis (Fall 2017)
Gen Parkman (Spring 2021)
Melissa Parks (Spring 2019)
Michael Paskett (Fall 2019)
Mary Playdon (Fall 2018)
Debora Lyn Porter (Fall 2019)
Emily Post (Spring 2018)
Soorya Pradeep (Fall 2018)
Dennis Pruzan (Fall 2017)
Brendon Quirk (Fall 2018)
Brett Raczka (Fall 2017)
Tiphanie Raffegeau (Spring 2021)
Mukund Raj (Spring 2017)
Chelsea Ratcliff (Fall 2018)
Adam Rauff (Spring 2019)
Randi Rawson (Fall 2017)
Grant Rea-Downing (Fall 2018)
Katherine Redd (Spring 2018)
Shelley Reich (Fall 2019)
Hang Ren (Fall 2017)
Lara Rheinemann (Fall 2018)
Tom Riis (Spring 2021)
Michael Riley(Fall 2018)
Peyton Russelburg (Fall 2018)
Yuanrui Sang (Fall 2018)
Aarushi Sarbhai (Fall 2019)
Melissa Schaefer (Spring 2018)
Emily Scott (Fall 2019)
Crystal Sigulinsky (Spring 2017)
Yasi Shaker (Spring 2021)
Jill Shea (Fall 2017)
Sophie Shin (Spring 2021)
Shiver (Spring 2017)
Jack Silcox (Spring 2019)
Aaron Simmons (Spring 2019)
Cindy Solomon-Klebba (Spring 2020)
Paul Spaltenstein (Spring 2021)
Sam Sprawls (Fall 2018)
Tess Stapleton (Fall 2018)
Doug Steinhauff (Fall 2018)
Igal Sterin (Fall 2019)
Eric Stone (Spring 2020)
Crystal Su (Fall 2019)
Nithya Subrahmanyam (Fall 2018)
Marta Szulik (Spring 2018)
James Tabery (Spring 2017)
Matthew Talbot (Spring 2020)
Jess Tate (Spring 2017)
Caleb Thomson (Spring 2021)
Taylor Thurston (Spring 2021)
Trevor Tippetts (Spring 2018)
Jocelyn Todd (Fall 2017)
Natalia Torres (Fall 2019)
Christie Toth (Spring 2017)
Amira Trevino (Spring 2021)
Matthew Trone (Spring 2021)
Anna Trugman (Fall 2018)
Katrina Twing (Fall 2018)
Anu Upadhyay (Fall 2018)
Verónica Valdez (Fall 2019)
Martin Venturas (Fall 2017)
Blake Vernon (Spring 2020)
Maren Voss (Fall 2018)
Joerg Votteler (Spring 2018)
Courtney Wagner (Spring 2019)
Wei-Chun Wang (Spring 2020)
Roseanne Warren (Spring 2017)
Katie Warthen (Spring 2019)
Wei Wei (Fall 2018)
Allison Weis (Spring 2019)
Dawn Wenzel (Spring 2017)
Stefania Wilks (Spring 2020)
Kurt Wilson (Spring 2020)
Zachary Wilson (Spring 2020)
Roo Wisidagama (Spring 2018)
Nick Witham (Fall 2019)
Ali Wolpern (Spring 2019)
Jiayue Xue (Spring 2020)
Blanca Yagüe (Spring 2018)
Brent Young (Spring 2019)
Laura Kay Young (Spring 2019)
Yvette Young (Spring 2021)
Brian Zenger (Spring 2019)
Peter Zhu (Fall 2019)
Jared Zitnay (Fall 2017)
Colin Adamo
Jeremy Alpenglow
Alysha Armstrong
Sangeetha Balasubramaniam
Cindy Barba
Kaylyn Bauer
Chantel Charlebois
Kevin Chui
Sam Clinard
Brian Cottle
Emily Cunningham
Evan Davis
Rachel Detwiler
Maggie Doolin
Julia Dunn
Josh Edwards
Gina Frey
Susana Henriquez
Eli Horvath
Anne Jensen
Carter Johnson
Yifat Levenstein
Cheryl Mathis
O'Connor Matthews
Stella Mosher
Becky Neufeld
Gen Parkman
Tiphanie Raffegeau
Tom Riis
Yasi Shaker
Sophie Shin
Paul Spaltenstein
Caleb Thomson
Taylor Thurston
Amira Trevino
Matthew Trone

Yvette Young

Shana Black
Tiffany Campbell
Daniel Chavez-Yenter
Carena Cornelssen
Navid Farhoudi
Sarah Elizabeth Garza-Levitt
Vincent Georgescu
Eleanor Gilmore-Szott
Chelsea Gosney
Daniel Greiner
Joseph Hackman
Jennifer v Isenhour
Marta Iversen
Kara Johnson
Steve Kannenberg
Thomas King
Otto Lang
Amy Lenz
Cielita Lopez-Lennon
Emma Luke
Benjamin Mann
Jet Mante
Amy McDonnell
Casey Mullen
Yeseul Nam
Kyla Ost
Cindy Solomon-Klebba
Eric Stone
Matthew Talbot
Blake Vernon
Wei-Chun Wang
Stefania Wilks
Kurt Wilson
Zachary Wilson
Jiayue Xue
Danny Bae
Kate Beebe
Julia Berger
Emily Braley
Mindy Brown
Stephen Cavanaugh
Anne Cook
Kristen Davenport
Michelle Debbink
Anna Deleray
Dale Forrister
Alexis Fulbright
Paul Geimer
Robyn Kilshaw
Fatemeh Koohestanmahalian
Dane Larsen
Kate Lemons
Sara LoTemplio
Kate Mattingly
Amy Morren
Guanning Pang
Michael Paskett
Debora Lyn Porter
Shelley Reich
Aarushi Sarbhai
Emily Scott
Igal Sterin
Crystal Su
Natalia Torres
Verónica Valdez
Nick Witham
Peter Zhu
Jared Bergman Jake Bergquist Bill Brazelton Colin Bretz Mark Brinton Luke Bush Devon Cantwell Aparna Chakkalakkal Sankarankutty Ana Beatriz De Paula e Silva Henrique Duarte Hallie Elich Mike Faust Brenden Fischer-Femal Sarah Fogarty Daniel Fuja Kwynn Gonzalez-Pons Diane Hernandez Monique Holt Laurie Jackson Vanessa Johnson Rob Kent de Grey Lauren Khazem Eugene Kwan Camille Novis Kate O’Farrell Michael Olson Kat Pagano Melissa Parks Adam Rauff Jack Silcox Aaron Simmons Courtney Wagner Katie Warthen Allison Weis Ali Wolpern Brent Young Laura Kay Young Brian Zenger
Fatima Abbas
Klevis Aliaj
Sarah Apple
Elizabeth Archuleta
TK Coody
Celia Dunn
Jenn Follstad Shah
Jake George
Jake Graser
Mahlega Hassanpour
Martin Horvath
Sima Jonusaite
Dylan Klure
Madison A. Krall
Joey Krueger
Brian Loyd
Josh Marquardt
Lisa Meerts-Brandsma
Nico Metzler
Matthew Moody
Ed Munoz
Mary Playdon
Soorya Pradeep
Brendon Quirk
Chelsea Ratcliff
Grant Rea-Downing
Lara Rheinemann
Michael Riley
Peyton Russelburg
Yuanrui Sang
Sam Sprawls
Tess Stapleton
Doug Steinhauff
Nithya Subrahmanyam
Anna Trugman
Katrina Twing
Anu Upadhyay
Maren Voss
Wei Wei
Kris Campbell
Cameron Christensen
Sean Crossland
Kali Dale
Carlene Deits-Lebehn
Ashley Elrick
Tanya Flores
Julia Franklin
Eric Fredrickson
Danielle Geerling
Jenna Goodrum
Alex Jafek
Julie Jeon
William Kincannon
Eunjin Lee
Dan Machin
Doug Mackay
Keegan Melstrom
M Metzger
Sudhajit Misra
Jasmine Norman
Emily Post
Katherine Redd
Melissa Schaefer
Marta Szulik
Trevor Tippetts
Joerg Votteler
Roo Wisidagama
Blanca Yagüe
Autumn Amici
Keith Arlotta
Kaylee Barket Jones
Thomas Brussel
Ben Christensen
Anna Eiring
Andrea Garfinkel-Castro
Casey Hemmis
Lisa Johnson
Sharanya Kalasekar
B. Autumn Krogh
Melanie Lee
German Lopez
Raziye Mohammadpour
Michael Papadakis
Dennis Pruzan
Brett Raczka
Randi Rawson
Hang Ren
Jill Shea
Jocelyn Todd
Martin Venturas
Jared Zitnay
Alexis Christensen
David Ede
Wilson Good
Nicholas Hebdon
Inese Ivans
Caitlin Kelly
Mukund Raj
Crystal Sigulinsky
James Tabery
Jess Tate
Christie Toth
Roseanne Warren
Dawn Wenzel