Undergraduate Researcher & Mentor Panel Presents Their Work

Undergraduate Researcher & Mentor Panel

The Office of Undergraduate Research recently invited five undergraduate student researcher and faculty mentor pairs to the Undergraduate Researcher & Mentor Panel at the annual Office of Undergraduate Studies Retreat on Friday, September 22, 2017. The focus of the 2017 Retreat was the value of a transformative undergraduate experience at a Research 1 university.

Undergraduate student researcher and faculty mentor pairs Allyson Berri and Caren Frost (Mentoring Refugee Youth: Creating a Learning Program for University Student Mentors), Teddy Anderson and Ben Bromley (Examining the Outer Solar System Through Analysis of Telescope Data), Glory Stanton and William Smith (‘Black Men Matter!’: Understanding the Biopsychosocial Effects of Black Men Living in White Communities), Jude Ruelas and Jared Rawlings (Transvocality and Transgender Identity Formation in the Context of Choral Education), and James Zhao and Lisa Joss-Moore (Postnatal Growth Restriction Causes Sex-Divergent Changes in Elastin Variant Expression in Rat Lung) gave great presentations on their work and their mentoring relationships. All student panelists are current or former UROP scholars.

Thanks to all panelists for their hard work and enthusiasm to share their projects!