Spring 2021 Course: Undergraduate Research Seminar

If you’re fine-tuning your schedule for this spring semester, then check out this course below offered by Professor Kamimura! 

SOC 3870-001 Research Seminar
IVC  / MW 9:40am-10:30am
The course is for undergraduates from all disciplines.

This course is like doing independent study in a seminar format. Some students will work on an individual project while other students will work on a group project. For students who do not have an own project, I can assign projects. Each student will set an own goal. Examples of goals included, but not limited to

  • Start and/or finish honor’s thesis/ senior thesis
  • Pre-med/ health research experience
  • Prepare for graduate school
  • Lean how to write an UROP proposal
  • Just want to try research

The seminar format often works better than independent study because students can learn and support each other and easier for time management to achieve own goal.

You can combine this seminar with other research opportunities such as honor’s thesis, senior thesis, UROP, or LEAP.

If you have any questions, please contact the instructor at akiko.kamimura@utah.edu.

Akiko Kamimura, PhD, MSW, MA
Associate Professor, Department of Sociology
Adjunct Associate Professor, Division of Public Health
Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Health, Kinesiology, and Recreation
University of Utah
phone: 801-585-5496