Sophomore Rise Ivory Homes Deeply Engaged Experience – FUNDING

Sophomore Rise Ivory Homes Deeply Engaged Experience

Available to all current sophomores, second-year students, non-continuous and/or returning sophomore students, or transfer students entering their sophomore year.

Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis. 

Put your ideas into action with a Deeply Engaged Learning award! Learn by solving problems, collaborating with peers, and studying with professors and advisers who are passionate about the issues you care about. Apply for an Ivory Homes Deeply Engaged Learning award to maximize your education today.

Students who apply will be eligible to receive a one $1,000 Ivory Homes Deeply Engaged Learning award, to be used specifically for your chosen project, activity or internship. Students are limited to one award. Projects should be completed in 2 consecutive semesters. Applicants must be a current sophomore, second-year student, non-continuous and/or returning sophomore student, or transfer student entering their sophomore year.

Proposals could include:

  • Learning Abroad Opportunity
  • Alternative Fall/Spring Break
  • Internship
  • Attending a Conference
  • Academic Project
Supplemental Questions
  1. Project Description (minimum 500 to maximum 700 words. PDF file only)

    Please submit a description of your experience, project or activity.

  2. Reflection Paper (minimum 500 to maximum 700 words. PDF file only)

    Please submit a one-page reflection on how this project, experience, or activity is related to your undergraduate goals.

  3. Semester(s) for which you are requesting support (limit: 2 semesters):
  4. Please submit the name and email address of a University of Utah faculty reference that can speak to how your proposal relates to and supports your academic work. Your reference will be emailed and asked to type a letter of support on your behalf when you provide their name and email in the space provided.

    If selected as a recipient of the Ivory Homes Deeply Engaged Learning Experience Award, your funds will be administered through the University of Utah Financial Aid & Scholarship office. Processing through the Financial Aid & Scholarship office will ensure the prompt and automatic transfer of funds directly to your student account. Please note: if you have an unpaid tuition balance, this award will be applied to your tuition, fees, and other outstanding educational expenses. In the event that all your tuition costs have been paid, Income Accounting will refund the amount of this award to the payee on your account. It is the recipient’s responsibility to make any necessary arrangements to ensure the awarded funds are applied to the project. Future funds may be jeopardized if the recipient does not adhere to this responsibility.

Please see: to submit an application.