Rescheduled URES – Doing Library Research

Due to the snow day on Feb. 3, the Undergraduate Research Education Series event – Doing Library Research – was canceled.  It has now been re-scheduled for Friday, Feb. 28th from 11 – 12 in Sill 120. 


All are welcome.


In this session, you will learn how to navigate the Marriott Library’s online resources and how to efficiently do library research. You will be introduced to many library resources relevant to your individual field of research including field-specific journals and citation management tools. This seminar is useful for students at any point in their project and can be revisited as online resources continue to develop.

Presented by Donna Ziegenfuss.

Student Feedback: 
“Being able to research a library and online databases is incredibly important to any student or professional who is doing research. The speaker does very well in showing the variety of tools that exists in our local library alone, as well as all the online tools that one can use to find information about topics of various levels of specificity.”
“Extremely informative, I used to work in the library + I didn’t know some of the content covered in the session. its great for non-UROP students as well because its applicable to all research.”
“Even if there are parts of conducting library research that you are already aware of, its helpful to see a concise way to get to those specification options. I’ve spent a lot of time figuring things out on my own & I could have saved a lot of time & confusion if I had been to this session earlier.”