PathMaker Scholars Summer Workshop Series

The summer workshop series are free online workshops created for high school junior, seniors, and early undergraduates. Our goal with this series is to provide students with resources and information they might need to help prepare them for college. The workshops will cover various topics such as resume building, interviews with current Medical and PhD students, financial wellness, and many more. Students who complete a minimum of 8 workshops, will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the summer.

If you are interested in attending the Workshop Series, please see the information below for instructions on how to sign up:

Workshop Structure

All workshops will be conducted over Zoom. Prior to the first workshop, you must download the Zoom application on your computer or smart phone. Helpful directions can be found here. Audio and video connection is strongly preferred and encouraged. Each workshop will consist of a presentation with Q&A, in addition to ongoing dialogue with workshop participants and presenters. There will be interactive features such as polling, group breakout sessions, and more. Come ready to participate and ask questions!

Participation Expectations

Your attention and participation during the Workshop Series is expected. Our team, presenters, and guests have worked hard to organize and facilitate these workshops, so please respect their time and effort. If you commit to being at a presentation we are expecting you to come prepared and ready to engage.


Registration is required for each meeting individually. Attendance and participation in a minimum of 8 workshops will earn you a Certificate of Completion at the end of the summer. Registration links below: