Having trouble finding funds for your research or academic related travel?

By Madi Odette

Having trouble finding funds for your research or academic related travel?

ASUU is providing funding through out the school year on a monthly basis up to $600 a time. There are three types of funding for students and student groups: assembly, travel, and senate. For more details regarding what falls under each category, click here for the general finance guidelines.

The funding provided by ASUU is meant to support students in their academic pursuits. This includes traveling to conferences that relate to your academics and undergraduate research. The travel funding for students must meet one of the three following criteria:

  1. An event that is at least 100-mile radius away from the University of Utah campus
  2. An event that involves an overnight stay
  3. An event that involves airfare travel

Applications are due the 1st of every month.
For the rest of the academic year, the dates of deadlines are listed below:

  • Travel for February 1- February 29th
    • Application Due: January 1st
  • Travel for March 1st- March 31st
    • Application Due: February 1st
  • Travel for April 1st-April 30th
    • Application Due: March 1st
  • Travel for May 1st- June 30th
    • Application Due: April 1st

Students can apply as many times as they want but can only receive funding once per academic year. Students can also receive ASUU funding if they are receiving funding from other departments, it is just required that the student applying include this in their application.

If applying for research related funding, please select the College of Undergraduate Studies when choosing which department you are submitting under, not the department you are conducting research in.

If you are interested in applying, go to getinvolved.utah.edu and create an account. Go to “submissions”, then “budgeting” and click on the travel grant link to fill it out.

For further questions, contact Esther Okang at eokang@sa.utah.edu.