First-Generation Conference at the U

The J. Willard Marriott Library would like to invite you to participate in the second annual First-Gen Con. The conference is a FREE one-day event for first-generation students that features all first-generation presenters, including our keynote, Dr. Maria Ledesma, associate professor of Education, Leadership, & Policy. This conference is intentionally designed to be different from the standard conference model in terms of tone and level of formality; we’d like to keep it conversational, interactive, and more casual than formal.

Presenters will address a full spectrum of topics–from how to engage campus resources, services, and spaces (particularly those that are designed for first-generation students’ needs) to topics like how to overcome barriers inside the institution, how to cope with imposter syndrome, how to connect with faculty, and how to find community on a large commuter campus.

All topics related to the first-generation experience are welcome.

Time slots range from five to fifty minutes, and there are no restrictions on media format. We’re excited to see slideshows, performance and visual arts, or any form of media/style of presentation that allows presenters to share their truths.

Presenters may present individually or in groups.

First-Gen Con is scheduled for March 20, 2020 from noon to 4:00pm in the Gould Auditorium at the Marriott Library.

Lunch will be provided for free. 


Register today at

To submit a proposal, please email a brief description of your presentation (150 words max.) that includes your topic, media format, number of presenters, and the length of your presentation.