Announcing the 2018 Outstanding Undergraduate Research Awardees

The Office of Undergraduate Research is excited to announce the 2018 Outstanding Undergraduate Research Awardees!:

  • Carissa Pollock (Prof. Ryan Smith) | ARCHITECTURE + PLANNING
  • Taylor Dove (Prof. Davidson Heath) | BUSINESS
  • Valeria Jimenez (Profs. Edmund Fong and Jesus Valero) | CULTURAL & SOCIAL TRANSFORMATION
  • Elaine Cooke (Prof. Melodie Weller) | DENTISTRY
  • Carlie Haacke (Prof. Lauren Liang) | EDUCATION
  • Jayden Plumb (Prof. Ashley Spear) | ENGINEERING
  • Cece Otto (Prof. Robert Scott Smith) | FINE ARTS
  • Nikol Yonemura (Prof. Micah Drummond) | HEALTH
  • Gemma Clark (Prof. Jennifer Weidhaas) | HONORS
  • Lydia Morley (Prof. Matt Haber) | HUMANITIES
  • Abbie Ireland (Prof. Trudy Oliver) | MEDICINE
  • Silvia Padilla (Prof. Michael Simpson) | MINES & EARTH SCIENCES
  • Jia “Janny” Liu (Prof. Jacqueline Eaton) | NURSING
  • Zachary Barber (Prof. Hamid Ghandehari) | PHARMACY
  • Elom Amematsro (Prof. Sophie Caron) | SCIENCE
  • Hannah Samowitz (Prof. Monisha Pasupathi) | SOCIAL & BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES
  • Lauren Brocious (Prof. Caren Frost) | SOCIAL WORK

These incredible undergraduate research students were nominated by their faculty mentors in conjunction with their colleges and schools for their commitment to developing research skills, their active participation in research-related activities on campus, and their positive contributions to their department, college, and University as a whole. Congratulations to these student researchers!

For more information about the Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award, past winners, and nominating future awardees, please visit