Gather.Town Instructions


  1. Use Google Chrome or Firefox (not Safari) to open up the space using the following link:
    1. Enter the passcode: SummerUR2021
    2. Note: If you want to practice moving around the space and test your settings, you are welcome to join the space before the Summer Symposium begins. You may not be able to interact with objects (such as posters) depending on how many other users are in the space before the event officially begins.
  2. Camera and Microphone: allow permissions to use your microphone and camera (image taken from Chrome, might be different with Firefox or other browsers).
  3. Click “Join the Gathering” to enter the space!


Change your Avatar, Name, Audio/Video Settings

At the bottom of the screen is your current avatar. Clicking on your avatar will allow you to personalize your avatar’s appearance and your name. Clicking on your name will allow you to change your user/video preferences.

Muting and Turning Off Video

Hover over the video of yourself. Click the microphone or camera icon to turn your mic and/or camera off or on.

Video Chatting

The default interaction distance is 5 tiles in each direction. If you come within that distance of another avatar, your videos and mics will link up and you will be able to have a conversation. Under the settings that you access by clicking your name, you have the option to turn on “Quiet Mode.” This will change your interaction radius to one tile and may make it easier to have conversations.


Move Around and Interact

Your avatar will spawn in the space. You can move around using the arrow keys on your keyboard or by using they WASD keys. When you are close to another avatar, you will be able to communicate with each other. 

Navigating the Summer Symposium Space

When you join the gathering, you will enter the main lobby area. All Session 1 (9-10:30 AM) poster rooms are located on the left-hand side of the space. All Session 2 (10:30 AM -12 PM) poster rooms are located on the right-hand side of the space. The middle area has tables and chairs for gathering, with some spaces designated as “private” for private conversations.

Private Conversations

By sitting at a private chair at a private table (you will see a message that says “you have entered a private space”), you will enter a private conversation only with people who are sitting at the chairs surrounding that table. People walking by who are not in the private conversation space will be unable to hear your conversation.

Locate Specific Individual

On the left side of the screen are a list of individuals in the same space. If you are looking for a specific person, you can use the search bar. Clicking their name will give you the option to locate and chat with them.


Participants will join us in a 2D world with 8-bit graphics, walking around the symposium by moving their avatar with their keyboard’s arrow keys. The poster presentations will take place in dedicated rooms, where posters will already be pre-loaded and organized in a grid similar to an in-person conference.

During their scheduled presentation time, presenters should stand in the shaded square in front of their poster. This shaded square is a “private space” and audio/video will be shared with everyone else in this square, but not neighboring spaces. To interact with a poster, conference attendees will walk up to the poster and press the “x” key to enter a full screen viewing. While viewing the poster, they will also be able to interact with the presenter using audio/video.

Point to something on your poster

After interacting with an embedded image, you and anyone else who has opened the image may use the “Presenter Mode” tool on the right-hand side to click and indicate specific areas of the image or poster that you are discussing. Everyone who has the image open will see the locations that you click on while in Presenter Mode. The indication will appear as a small colored circle that will disappear after a few seconds.


Internet browser issues

Make sure you are using a computer to access Mobile browsers make it difficult to move around and see the people you are interacting with.

No one is able to see/hear you

If this is the case, and you enabled your camera and microphone, it is likely a browser issue. Try updating your browser if possible. If this does not work or your browser is already up to date, try switching to a different browser. For example, if on Chrome, try Firefox and vice versa. If neither of these work, try using Safari on after you’ve tried Chrome or Firefox.

Select people can see/hear you, but not everyone

If this happens, your screen will be black and say “connecting…” on the persons screen who cannot see you. Although you may be able to see and hear them, they cannot see or hear you. If you are unable to see someone, let them know. If someone says they cannot see or hear you, refresh your webpage. This should solve the problem.

Lagging video

If your video chats are lagging, this could be an internet issue. To decrease the amount of bandwidth you are using, close out of all other tabs and apps that you have open.

Having a problem that isn’t listed here? has a comprehensive help center that will most likely answer your question. Access the Audio and Video Troubleshooting center here:


Contact the Office of Undergraduate Research at or 801-581-8070.