Monson Prize

The Charles H. Monson Essay Prize honors Charles H. Monson Jr., who was a distinguished member of the University Philosophy Department from 1958 to 1974.  Professor Monson earned both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Utah and received his Ph.D. from Cornell University.  During his years at the University, he served as chair of the Philosophy Department and Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs.  He received the University‚Äôs Distinguished Teaching Award in 1970. In his honor, an annual prize is awarded to an undergraduate who writes an outstanding essay on a subject having to do with social change.

The winner is expected to produce an original piece of work that is 5-20 pages in length within two months of the award. A cash award is presented to the awardee at an awards luncheon with Karl and Sharon Schatten, who provide the generous support for the prize.

The call for self-nominations for the Monson Prize is announced each year in early Spring.


Recent Monson Prize Recipients

2017 – Kai Sin (Prof. Akiko Kamimura) – Cardiovascular disease and diabetes among refugees in the USA

2016 – Kyle Criddle (Prof. Leslie Francis) – Feasibility of the Lake Powell Pipeline Development Act and Proposed Water Conservation Alternatives

xIMG_24592015 – Colette Ankenman (Prof. Marissa Diener) – Understanding youth educational and occupational goals in after school programs

 2014 – David X. Elwell – Osmotic power generation using natural salinity gradient in Great Salt Lake

2013 – Madeleine Oritt – Accessibility to HIV/AIDS medications in resource-limited countries

2012 – Laurel L. Baeder – WWW.ENGL.ISH: The effect of internationalized domain names on web content and design

2012 – Esther Kim – Recreational re-creating: A cultural critique of the 50th anniversary of the Freedom Rides

2011 – Leonel Nieto (Prof. Julie Stewart)

2010 – Susan Akok (Prof. Kim Korinek) – Are there barriers to basic prenatal care in refugee communities? A case study of Sudanese women in Salt Lake City