Office of Undergraduate Research COVID-19 Operational Updates

OUR encourages weekly testing, vaccinations, and mask wearing to support collective well-being, to learn more about this visit:

 On-Site Undergraduate Research Policy

The Office of Undergraduate Research participants – faculty, staff, mentors and undergraduate student researchers, are encouraged to view the Vice President for Research community updates for the operation level and how it impacts research. 

Allowable Research

  Modified research activities can be conducted onsite on campus and in other facilities and field sites.

For up-to-date guidance, please continue to watch the VPR’s COVID-19 updates page:

Undergraduate Researchers and Remote Learning

Because UROP, SPUR and OUR research scholarships involve employment, and, more importantly, an educational experience for students, the Office of Undergraduate Research is obligated to take reasonable steps to ensure that selected research projects can be successful. For this reason, Should a researcher (undergraduate researcher, mentor, or a collaborator on a research team) be unable to conduct research in-person, the team is recommended to create a Remote UROP Contingency Plan. OUR provides suggestions for remote undergraduate research experiences. Please visit:

Summer Program for Undergraduate Research (SPUR) 2022

While we are hoping for an in-person SPUR experience, given the structure of SPUR (many participants are not U students and/or are not local to Salt Lake City) and depending on U policy for summer 2022 (on-campus research and/or U-related travel restrictions), we are prepared to offer a fully remote SPUR experience should events necessitate the transition.

Travel reimbursement and the use of on-campus housing is contingent upon U travel and/or housing policy for spring 2022 and/or summer 2022 semesters. For updates on university housing

Undergraduate Research Advising

At this time, all Undergraduate Research advising will be conducted virtually or by phone through the spring semester. Please continue to make your advising appointments through Cranium Cafe and make sure to include your phone number. If you experience difficulty scheduling through Cranium Cafe, please email the advisor directly to schedule an appointment. The advisor you will call you at the time of your appointment at the phone number you provide.

The Undergraduate Research Leaders’ office hours will no longer be held in office, but will be held remotely.  Their office hours can be found HERE.  Please email any Leader to schedule an email or phone appointment.

Undergraduate Research Symposium (URS)

The symposium is a place where student researchers present to the university community. To foster public health centered events, OUR is offering the spring symposium in two formats: 1) In-person (limited based on space) and virtual. 

Because of the flexibility offered by the online Virtual URS infrastructure, we will welcome presentations from undergraduate student researchers regardless of whether they previously registered for the URS.

Undergraduate Research Education Series (URES)

The Undergraduate Research Education Series offers educational events on topics of interest to undergraduate student researchers and their faculty mentors. To foster public health centered events, OUR is offering the URES spring series virtually with some events with limited in-person capacity. All events will be live-streamed on zoom. A list of links to previously recorded videos of URES events can be found here. Please watch any video that would assist you in conducting your research. The UROP URES attendance requirement is waived for all Spring 2020 UROP recipients.

Undergraduate Research Scholar Designation (URSD)

The deadline for Spring 2022 graduates to apply for the URSD is April 21 (early deadline of February 10 to appear in the convocation). The Undergraduate Research Symposium counts as the presentation for the URSD.). Students should continue to apply for the designation.

Undergraduate Research Awards Ceremony

The Undergraduate Research Awards Ceremony is scheduled for April 4, 2022, and will be by invitation only with the event live streamed on OUR social – Facebook and zoom. 

This page was last updated 1/19/2022