Society for Developmental Biology Summer Program

Project Description:

Choose Development! is an undergraduate summer research program for students from underrepresented minority (URM) groups or those with disabilities interested in pursuing research careers in developmental biology and related areas. The program was initially funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF-IOS 1239422, 2013-2017) and is currently funded by the SDB at a lower level (2017-present).

The program provides a research-intensive undergraduate training experience in a lab of an established developmental biologist, a multi-level mentoring plan for each student, SDB-wide recognition and enculturation activities at national scientific conferences, and continued mentoring after the completion of the fellowship.

Undergraduates will be selected from a national applicant pool and matched to research laboratories with trained faculty mentors (SDB members) committed to enhancing their preparation to enter graduate programs. Students will be recognized as an elite group of SDB Choose Development! Fellows who will spend two summers carrying out independent research in the mentor’s laboratory. The Society will ensure dissemination of their research accomplishments through the students’ participation in SDB regional and/or national meetings, complemented by strong support and encouragement from members of this scientific community. It is expected that most, if not all of these SDB Choose Development! Fellows will choose and be accepted into graduate programs in developmental biology or related areas.

SDB Choose Development! Fellows Eligibility
Undergraduate students belonging to URM groups (Black/African Americans, Alaskan Natives, Hispanic Americans, Native Americans/Aboriginals, Native Hawaiians and US Pacific Islanders), first generation college students, and those with disabilities who are United States or Canadian nationals (US/Canadian citizens and those born in lands under US/Canadian jurisdiction) or permanent residents residing within the United States or Canada and its territories may apply.

Considering the 2-year duration of training, preference will be given to sophomores or students in their second year of undergraduate programs at the time of application.

Applicants must be willing to travel to a different city for summer research in case no appropriate mentor is available in the vicinity.

A stipend of $5000 and some travel/living assistance will be provided.


Application deadline: February 15, 2021

For more information and to access the application forms, visit this SDB webpage. Questions may be directed to with subject title ‘Choose Development!’

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