PS Lab Technician (full time)

Project Description:

Job Summary: 
  1. Confers with senior laboratory personnel regarding the procedures and techniques to be followed in conducting research and recommends modifications as needed.
  2. Maintains gastrointestinal biorepository.
  3. Performs tests and procedures using laboratory equipment.
  4. Monitors and assists with purchasing of laboratory supplies and materials.
  5. Conducts literature reviews to obtain abstracts and information to be utilized in research.
  6. Makes statistical calculations, analyzes data and prepares reports summarizing results.
  7. May supervise the care of research animals; perform minor animal surgery or collect animal tissues and specimens for laboratory analysis.
  8. May oversee the operations of student course experiments in a laboratory setting.
This role is a wonderful opportunity for an individual interested in being a part of translational scientific endeavors. This person should be excited by working in a laboratory environment filled with students, post docs and physician-scientists who have an interest in improving the lives of patients with gastrointestinal diseases. Our laboratories have a particular focus on the microbiome and host interactions.
This position will work with and be mentored by Amiko Uchida, MD who is a faculty gastroenterology physician-scientist in the laboratories of June Round PhD and Kathryn Peterson MD. This enriching experience will provide the technician with in depth exposure to scientific procedures and relevant patient diseases.
For more information and to apply, please view the job posting: