NPR Reflect America Fellowship

Project Description:

The Reflect America Fellowship will bring a tenacious journalist to NPR for 12 months to help our journalism look and sound like America.

The fellowship is designed for an early- or mid-career journalist who wants to work and grow in one of the nation’s most dynamic newsrooms. Fellows will work with reporters, editors and producers to find new, diverse sources and help the newsroom build on its source-tracking strategy. The Fellow will have the opportunity to gain critical skills in reporting, writing and producing on audio and digital platforms while working with some of the country’s best journalists.

The fellowship is a series of three-month rotations spent with various shows, podcasts and coverage teams at NPR. The Fellow will be embedded with producers, reporters, editors and other staff, working to find, vet and book a diversity of experts and everyday people for stories and interviews on the radio, online and in podcasts. The final rotation will be spent reporting with one of NPR’s news teams.

Deadline: February 12, 2021

For more information and to access the application, please visit NPR’s Reflect America Fellowship webpage.