Lab Technician (full-time job)

Project Description:

This translational research lab would love a summer or as soon as able start date and ideally 2-year commitment to provide ample shadowing opportunities and a strong letter in time for application cycles.

We are launching a comprehensive biorepository for patients who visit our gastroenterology endoscopy suite to advance the field’s understanding and improve the care for patients with gastrointestinal diseases with particular emphasis on the microbiome and immunology. For this exciting endeavor we are looking for a lab technician to help build and maintain the biorepository, as well as perform basic laboratory experiments including potentially handling of mice using samples collected for the biorepository. We envision this role to be truly translational, obtaining patient biospecimens and asking clinically and scientifically relevant questions to better our understanding of health and disease.
Maintenance of the biorepository includes receiving fresh patient biospecimens from the University of Utah Hospitals and Clinics and processing them for long-term storage and later utilization. Our laboratory uses a sophisticated biorepository system called OpenSpecimen to easily organize and maintain samples. The research laboratory technician will also perform technical procedures in a research laboratory under minimal supervision by applying standard scientific techniques and analytical principles. The technician will be responsible for recording samples, observations, measurements and results in an organized fashion. The technician may be responsible for cleaning, disinfecting, and maintaining cleanrooms and equipment along with other laboratory colleagues. The technician also may assist with receipt and inspection of materials, ordering and stocking of materials and equipment.
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