Cyberinfrastructure Technologies (AI, dynamic systems modeling, cybersecurity)

Project Description:

Cyberinfrastructure Technologies is a private company currently dedicated to the securitization of artificial intelligence through research and computer science. See the message from Mario Ramirez-Arrazola, the Outreach Manager, below:

We’re currently looking for extremely talented undergraduate students in computer science, artificial intelligence, or cognitive science (both applied work and theoretical work.) In specific, these are areas of work within applicants we’re desiring:

  1. Experience with AIs made of feedforward networks (e.g. Convolutional Neural Nets like ResNet for image classification) and methods for AIs made of recurrent networks (e.g. Long-Short Term Memory Networks for audio or text classification).
  2. Dynamic systems modeling
  3. Cybersecurity

This position is highly competitive, and we encourage extremely talented applicants to apply. You will work in collaboration with our more senior researchers. Research will be directed but also flexible and pay is based on skill level, quality of work, amount of work accomplished, and time spent with our company. Amazing research and publication opportunities are to be had working with us. Work can start as early as this first week of March until the beginning of Fall 2021, meaning this could be a perfect summer project for your resume.


If this is something you’re interested in please contact me, I will list what you should include when you reach out to me:

  • Resume
  • Unofficial Transcript (Include GPA)
  • Cover Letter (Basically, explain your skills and experience with artificial intelligence and cognitive science, this letter does not have to be long at all)
  • General Availability (When you can start working and for how long)
  • Any other concerns

Mario Ramirez-Arrazola
Research and Outreach Manager
Cyberinfrastructure Technologies
5650 W 2300 S, West Valley City, Utah, US