Welcome to the Office of Undergraduate Research's Podcast

The goal of OUR Pod is to highlight the research that undergraduate students are doing across disciplines at the University of Utah. The Undergraduate Research Leaders collaborate with K-UTE Radio to bring you OUR Pod. 

EPISODE 5 - Research in the Humanities

In this month's installment of the OUR Pod, Kalli Glauser interviews Nain Christopherson, an English Teaching major.  Kalli and Nain discuss what research looks like in humanities, and why all students can benefit from the insights humanities research provides. 


EPISODE 4 - Research FAQs with Dr. Katsuhiko Funai

In this month's installment of the OUR Pod, Luke Garcia interviews Dr. Funai about some commonly asked questions regarding getting involved and doing research as an undergraduate student.

EPISODE 3 - SPUR Program

In this month's installment of OUR Pod, Claire Ticknor talks about summer research programs and interviews two students, Jacob Young and Ryan Murdoch, about their experiences in the OUR's Summer Program for Undergraduate Research (SPUR).


On this month's installment of OUR Pod, Sydney Cahoon interviews student researchers Ellie Goodrich and Sally Matthews. Ellie and Sally are both Anthropology majors funded through UROP, and are researching primates.



On this first episode of OUR Pod, Madi Odette interviews Leslie Cepeda, an undergraduate research advisor in the Office of Undergraduate Research. Leslie discusses ways students can become involved with undergraduate research, as well as opportunities for students currently doing research.