Undergraduate Research Leaders

The Office of Undergraduate Research launched hiring Undergraduate Research Leaders in 2015. Each year, we select a cohort of students to serve as ambassadors for our office and to work on select projects.

Compensation: $15 per hour and work an average of 5 - 10 hours per week.

Eligibility: Students with experience conducting research at the University of Utah. Ideal candidates are students who participated in UROP or SPUR. Opportunities with the office available to students regardless of status. 

The Undergraduate Research Leaders assist the office and promote undergraduate student research through several activities:

  • Office outreach on campus
  • Student recruitment and engagement
  • Peer mentoring
  • Review of Small & Travel Grant applications
  • Activities assigned by the Director/Associate Dean of OUR. 

Additionally, we have several specialist positions including

  • Institutional Review Board (IRB) Specialist - sits on an IRB panel and acts as a liaison between the IRB and OUR students
  • Summer Program for Undergraduate Research (SPUR) Specialist - attends SPUR meetings and advises students about summer research programs
  • Social Media Specialist - designs social media posts and coordinates digital outreach materials for the OUR
  • Other specialist positions assigned by the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies/Director of OUR.

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Meet our Summer 2022 Undergraduate Research Leaders!

Gauri Garg


Virtual Office Hours:  

Liaison to: Honors College, College of Nursing, College of Health and IRB & Clinical Research specialist

Gauri is a Junior in the Honors College, pursuing a major in Health, Society, & Policy with minors in chemistry and pediatric clinical research. She started undergraduate research in early 2020 in Dr. de Havenon's Lab studying the effects of diet and exercise on white matter hyperintensities. She has completed 2 semesters of UROP and presented her research in the UROP symposium in the spring of 2021. Gauri is still working in the de Havenon lab as well as continuing to branch into other areas of clinical research. She recently started research with the gastroenterology team at the University of Utah Health and will present at the American College of Gastroenterology in the fall. Continuing in this field, she will be interning at the National Institute of Health as a summer researcher under the leadership of the deputy chief of thoracic and GI Malignancies. She is also excited to start the pediatric clinical research minor at Primary Children's in the fall to get more clinical research experience. Gauri plans to apply to medical school in two years and will continue being a researcher throughout her medical career.   



Emi Wickens


Virtual Office Hours: Tuesdays, 2-3 PM on Zoom (https://utah.zoom.us/j/98277985674) or set up a meeting via email

Liaison to: College of Social & Behavioral Science, School for Cultural & Social Transformation, and College of Education

Emi is a junior in the Honors College pursuing a degree in Health, Society, and Policy with minors in chemistry and health in context.  Emi started research her sophomore year working as a research assistant studying the similarities between the lived experiences of family caregivers in an effort to provide better resources for a broad population of family caregivers.  She completed two semesters of UROP, submitted a paper based on her research to journals last summer, and is currently working on finishing her thesis paper based on this project.  Emi is very grateful for all the skills she obtained while doing research and hopes to continue putting these skills to practice in future research projects in graduate school and her future career. 


Represent the OUR! Be influential on campus! Develop professional and leadership skills!

Participants in the Undergraduate Research Leaders program are absolutely crucial to the overall success and structure of the program and the OUR. Leaders will have many opportunities to represent the OUR both at campus events and in the classroom. Leaders will provide peer advising for students looking to get into any OUR programs and will be able to propose new outreach possibilities, as well as design and host additional events when beneficial to the program. UR Leaders will help with OUR events such as the URS. We will hold monthly meetings to remain up to date on Leader efforts and achievements and to reflect on how to build/re-structure the program as necessary. Hours of participation are varied and flexible, depending on the demands of campus events. There are many opportunities to develop professional and leadership skills through participation in the program. The program offers Leaders professional development training based on direct feedback from current Leaders and the Leaders participate directly in the design and implementation of OUR programs.

Requirements for Undergraduate Research Leaders Applicants

Applicants must be matriculated University of Utah undergraduate students, not on academic probation, disciplinary probation, or suspension; enrolled (part-time or full-time) during semesters participating in the program (Fall 2022 and Spring 2023); must have successfully completed at least one semester of UROP or SPUR; must have presented at the University of Utah Undergraduate Research Symposium; must be willing and able to participate approximately 5 - 10 hours a week, with more hours during special campus events; must be personable and thoughtful; must be comfortable with public speaking and willing to attend campus events for the OUR. Students who are a University of Utah Dreamer (with or without DACA) are eligible.

How to Apply

Application for 2022 - 2023 academic year is OPEN!

Our Undergraduate Research Leaders Program was influenced by a program of the same name at the University of Washington. We are grateful to our colleagues at the University of Washington for inspiring us in the development of this program.