Research-Intensive Courses for Undergraduate Students

Many undergraduate courses at the University of Utah provide students with an opportunity to pursue original research. As part of the Office of Undergraduate Research’s efforts to identify, promote, and celebrate undergraduate student research at the University, we maintain a list of these courses and track their student enrollments. For a list of current Research-Intensive Courses at the University of Utah, please click here.

The criteria for qualification as a Research-Intensive Course (RIC) are:

  • At least half of the course is devoted to students conducting and presenting original research or creative work. Students learn to ask appropriate research questions or identify appropriate creative objectives, select and implement appropriate methods, analyze and interpret results responsibly, and disseminate the work effectively, as appropriate for the particular discipline and level of the course.
  • The course syllabus with respect to this focus on research is unlikely to vary across sections, instructors, or semesters.

Procedure for inclusion in the OUR’s list of Research-Intensive Courses:

  • All steps are completed by the Department Chair or the Director of Undergraduate Studies in each University of Utah department/program.
  • The reporter identifies qualifying courses offered by the department or program, using the following as evidence: course catalog descriptions, conversations with recent course instructors, and evaluation of recent syllabi, etc.
  • The reporter completes the online RIC Submission Form , which asks for the following:
    • The reporter’s name, title/position, and email address.
    • The department or program name.
    • Course names and numbers.
  • The reporter may submit one or more courses at a time, and submissions are accepted on an ongoing basis. New qualifying courses can be submitted as they are added to the department or program’s course offerings.
  • If a course changes such that it no longer meets the RIC criteria, please let us know by emailing
  • RIC-qualifying courses will be reviewed approximately every five years in consultation with the department or program.

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We have been influenced by our generous colleagues at the University of North Carolina as we developed our Research-Intensive Courses criteria and procedures.