Undergraduate Research Statistics

Undergraduate Research Statistics

How many University of Utah students are involved in undergraduate research? A primary goal of the Office of Undergraduate Research is to refine our ability to answer this question! Please check back as we continually update this section.

Office of Undergraduate Research Program Statistics

573 UROP Scholar Awards
338 Student presentations at the Undergraduate Research Symposium
52 Student presentations at UCUR/NCUR
32 Small grants awarded
68 Travel grants awarded
105 Students earned the URSD

Research-Intensive Courses

Please visit this page to learn more about Research-Intensive Courses at the University of Utah.

Undergraduate Student Research-Related Employment

Undergraduate students are employed as researchers and research assistants all over campus. We are working to identify the students involved in research-related employment for the purpose of supporting them and their employers. If you are an undergraduate student working in a research-related position on campus, or if you hire undergraduate students in these types of positions, please contact us so that we can support you!