Lily Hines – The effect of adverse childhood experiences on adulthood


Faculty mentor: Colleen CoCo James

Artist’s Statement: Family support is very influential on individuals, and adverse childhood experiences lead to poor mental or physical health in adulthood like loneliness.
Through my research, I found that distress in childhood can lead to depression in adulthood and it can lead to poor physical health as well. In my art, I expressed the tension that individuals feel after experiencing distress throughout their lives.

The contrast of lightness and darkness represent happiness and depression that an individual experiences. The lightness and the darkness also represent an ideal childhood versus a stressful childhood. The trees represent the individual’s family and how influential they are on the flower/individual. The roots on the trees demonstrate how depression has a hard grip on an individual. The rose in the middle represents loneliness and how an individual feels so alone when battling poor mental health.

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