Thiago Santana – Unethical Human Experimentation

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Faculty mentor: CoCo James

Artist’s Statement: In this illustration we see four individuals: a black man on a medical bed, a scientist running tests on the black man’s body, and a scientist exchanging money with a political figure. My intention when creating this was to highlight the rampant unethical practices in human experimentation which stem from racist, sexist, or ablest beliefs, are not punished justly due to the massive financial gains of the pharmaceutical industry. We see the black man is shackled as he lays on the medical bed, to represent the non consensual nature of these experimental trials and practices. The scientist holding the syringe is centralized and much larger than the black man representing the lack of power the victims have when compared to those responsible for the unethical treatment. In the bottom left corner we see the exchanging of a bag of money between one of the scientists and a political figure underneath a table to represent the corrupt nature of the industry and the political lobbying that occurs in order to have favorable laws and restrictions, and how profits are the primary motivation for these people.

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