Theo Mazzone – Human Behavior

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Faculty mentor: CoCo James

Artist’s Statement: Thesis: Humans are a very impressionable species and their behaviors, actions, and emotions are determined by a mix of their personal experiences and human instincts.

In my art, I wanted to express how impressionable we are as humans and how our behaviors, actions, and emotions come from our experiences that we have throughout our life. The stuffing represents how malleable and soft we are to new information around us. There is always room for more new information in the mind, and the information that is already up there can change and move around. Or even become more condensed as we learn more about a subject. The pine needles represent how fragile we are to the experiences that we have through life. If someone has a traumatic experience in their life, it can change how they act for the rest of their life. The crushed needles can never be put back together in the same form ever again. The rocks at the bottom represent the concrete behaviors within us that will never change. There are some things about humans that are harder to make an impression on. The rocks represent either the stubbornness or the stableness in our lives. The photos that surround the human represent all of the sensory influences out in the world’s environment. The environment offers opportunities to make connections and memories with other humans. Which shows what kind of person we are as well.

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