Summer Lujan – Visual Arts: Artist’s Statement

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Faculty mentor: Coco James

Although as long as history has been with us, it lacks to for the least acknowledge black women have been underappreciated for their musical, artistic, and technological advancements. Through this art piece I have made we can clearly see the pain this underappreciation this woman has had to endure. The cyborg woman symbolizes afrofuturism and the rise of bold african american women rising from stereotypes and judgments of them throughout history.  This is also a manner in which she cannot be underappreciated or cheated on through her work, because it’s unobtainable since it is hers. It’s her homeland which is impossible to invade.  And to prove this notion of underapreciation and differences black women have faced througbout history, the art emphasizes, the black man next to her with no eyes completely blinded with his lack of understanding on black womens side of discrimination. It’s hard to see, but on her left is a white woman covered with fire with no eyes also. She is also one who can never feel the racial discrimination black women face everyday. Both sides cannot see her pain or her endurance she has had to face. They only see her as the labels placed on her.

And as our eyes look up to see three levels of black women, each resembles problems they face generation after generation. The very top emphasises her first experience in this life which changed her. She was molested and raped by her white male predatorial; boss who abused his power because shes a woman. And on the second one we can see her labeled as too loud and lazy with stereotypes which many use on black women. On the third we can see how tired she is of all of these hurtful words and abuse shes endured for a while. Then this brings to her breakthrough. A breakthrough every black woman dreams of. She realizes how strong, beautiful, and how proud she is of her skin and gender. She chooses afrofuturism to spread truth in the world of darkness and privilege which blinds them. Because she has never had privilege, this has aloud her to follow truth and open the eyes of the privileged. Through afrofuturism this is what black women have been doing for more than 100 years and continue to do to this day.

Overall in this art, I wanted to emphasise that we have to acknowledge the pain black women have endured and still endure today. With underappreciation for their works and lack of understanding to their lives, black women have used afrofuturism to shed a light in this dark world of labels. That’s something us privileged have to see. Thanks to afrofuturism and activist black women, I could see this truth and have designed this truth through this art piece.

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