Rachel Straight – Depression in Females

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Faculty mentor: CoCo James

Artist’s Statement: Thesis Statement: Rates of depression vary between sex’s, with females showing higher rates of depression compared to males.

Each drawing symbolizes causes of depression and the girl curled up in a ball represents women’s depression. Through my research I have found factors and causes of depression that affect women and I decided to show some of them through drawings. The factors (and causes) are financial strain, pregnancy, genetics, anxiety, and dwelling in sadness or depression. The pole of the umbrella represents genetics. The umbrella with tears represents possibly the social life but it can only do so much for a woman. On the left side of the picture there is a cracked egg that has darkness coming out of it, and the egg represents positive thoughts while the darkness represents anxiety. Next to that is a cloud with tears coming out of an eye which represents dwelling in sadness and depression. Then in the next cloud there is a pregnant woman, which represents pregnancy. The last cloud has a snake with a line through it (it’s supposed to look like a dollar sign: $) and it represents financial strain. I believe this speaks so my thesis because it shows the factors and causes of depression in women and there are more factors and causes in depression for women than for men.

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