Peri Halvorson – Symposium art project

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Faculty mentor: Colleen James

Artist’s Statement: Through the social isolation of the LGBTQIA+ community in our society, this leads them to be more susceptible to health problems, specifically mental health issues like, depression and anxiety, sometimes leading to suicide. To go along with this, I decided to make a piece of art that represents this. I drew two boxes of groups of people in the first box there is three people that are happy with the heterosexual flag behind them. Then in the next box I drew one individual with their head clouded, who is sad, with a noose in the back. This person has the LGBT flag represented behind them. I made the LGBTQIA+ individual alone to show that they are more susceptible to social isolation, and due to this isolation, the individual is having self-destructive thoughts. When depression floods peoples brain it can lead them to commit suicide and through my research, I have found that more LGBT commit suicide than straight people. When going about this art project this idea was the one that came to me that most obviously depicted my message. I wanted people to understand my message clearly through the art rather than them making their own assumptions and meanings.

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