Kevin Pineda – A View of a Life

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Faculty mentor: Jennifer Seagrave

Artist’s Statement: I knew I always wanted to share an experience or something similar to it. After going through many different types of zines, I found that sharing a short snippet in my life might work the best. The message of the Zine would be a Second Person Point of View of some parts of my life I wanted to share. This is complemented by the watercolor artwork I thought would express the emotion of the words. I started trying to sketch what I imagined, but I quickly learned my sketching skills are long gone. Exploring watercolor zines and stories gave me the inspiration to use colors as a focus. The major influence on my decision was a Portuguese zine that had no words and just art. This showed a young woman’s experience of sexual abuse and transforming into a strong woman.
The point of view I wanted was to signify myself speaking to the old me. I labeled all the scenarios to give a title to the words and pictures. I thought it was a creating way I can explain these things. It starts with my childhood explaining the different experiences I had. I wanted to share some of the abuses I lived with and the direction my life ended up taking. It is a small view into my thoughts at that time in my life. I was involved with drugs and gangs at a young age. It is a small-time in my life that I have been very ashamed of for most of my adult life. Purple and black represent the darkness I felt of my past following and how it has always affected me. It then moved to my realization of what I want in life and making better choices when I joined the Marine Corps. I added some of the experiences with suicide around me when I was in. There was a couple of years that we lost some people to this. I never really understood why someone would do it until I decided to learn about it and try to feel what they might have felt. This was the most explicit painting I wanted to make to show the violence.

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