Kelli Gomez – The association of in-service sexual harassment affects the severity of Post Traumatic Stress

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Faculty mentor: Coco James

Artist’s Statement: My thesis statement is while observing in service veteran women we can conclude that the severity of their Post Traumatic Stress disorder could be caused by in service sexual harassment. My artistic choices represent in service sexual and verbal harassment. To begin I included the 97% to enforce a modern day issue. A new statistic has been going around called the 97%, which is the number of women who have been assaulted in one way or another. Everyone knows someone with a story which supports the 97% statistic. I also paste the #metoo movement to bring awareness to the sexual assault going on in the military. The #metoo movement represents all the sexual harassment survivors and supports them to tell their story. This is very important for women in the military because they are often not heard. There have been situations when women have reported their story and they were not taken seriously. The photos of women are to make the message clear. We are talking about in-service women not being heard. Their stories matter too!

In-service women not being taken seriously on the subject of sexual assault. “69% of women who filed a sexual harassment report said that they were not taken seriously, were pressured to drop their complaint”. Murdoch, M., Polusny, M. A., Hodges, J., & Cowper, D. (2006). That 69% is equal to the 97% of women have been sexually assaulted. They are not being heard because of the dominance and hierarchy men have over women in service. Manipulating the system to avoid confrontation of their actions. These women are being poorly affected by this. Unwanted attention is so damaging and hurtful. A study was done to prove the association with in-service sexual harassment inreasing the severity of Post Tramuatic Stress. Women deal with the same traumatizing experiences of war as well as sexual harassment. “Moreover, when compared to other traumas, sexual assault has been found to be connected to the highest rate of post traumatic stress disorder”.

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