Julia Middleton – Zombie Symposium Art Project

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Faculty mentor: Coco James

Artist’s Statement: Thesis Statement – While Zombies are made to be engaged with as a pleasing form of entertainment in western pop culture, finding out the hidden meanings and metaphors that have been ingrained deep inside of zombie history may be mind blowing. Zombies are used as metaphors for African American slaves, as well as terrorists.

I chose to use two different forms of artistic choices to represent my thesis statement. The first piece of art is a painting of a popular zombie seen in the mobile video game to represent the way that the zombie is portrayed in the 21st century in pop culture. The second art piece is a collage type of art containing images of Haitian slaves and the origin of the “zombi”. The images are incased in resin to signify the rich history of zombies being covered up, and forgotten about. The underlying history and meanings are covered up and frozen in time and forgotten in the past.

View my art below!
Questions or comments? Contact me at: julialmiddleton@gmail.com

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