Joseph Lopez – Benefits of Vertical Farming in the United States for Urban Life

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Faculty mentor: Colleen James

Artist’s Statement: Agriculture has innovated our ability to produce viable food sources at high yields for individuals and communities across different ecological regions across the world to influence and innovate human society throughout history. However, our planet has dealt with the consequences of agriculture affecting the processes by which we find crops of food being grown in the wilderness naturally. Consequences like destroying natural land formations for food production and ecosystems and habitats destroyed for more farmland due to food shortages. Human population growth is another crisis that critically endangers our food security which each individual consumes more than what is grown yearly. Means to counter the future high demand for food production rely on current farms to create more fertile land to grow crops and harvest them. Which is an inefficient method to counter crucial issues dealing with supplying all people and animals that feed off of farm produce. Indoor vertical farms will provide a beneficial change in food security in the United States for urban cities and homes to counter the ratio of food consumed from being produced at a substantial rate.

Indoor vertical farms can make an impact by using fewer resources to produce crops year-round. Like watering plants reduced heavily to almost 90%, soil-free plant-based structures were implemented to reduce the amount of land space per acre, and sunlight not heavily needed to grow plants year-round to large quantities for harvest seasons. Vertical farms would provide ecological and environmental land protection in the U.S. Like deforestation and desertification would be reduced at large rates because of the amount of farmland not required for large industrial production. Arable land for farming will be stacked in a facility within a small area to save acres of natural land. Aquaponics, aeroponics, and hydroponics would provide alternative methods of farming techniques compared to traditional outdoor farming.

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