Hannah Jones – Media Distorts Our Morality

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Faculty mentor: CoCo James

Artist’s Statement: Media directly impacts our morality, culturally and individually, by targeting emotional reactions based on cultural moral boundaries. Media depicts morality to be a fluid concept that can be distorted for a headline. The media contorts the representation of our morality through the distortion of reality, distorts the societal moral boundaries, and attacks our humanity as individuals.

Media uses entertainment as a method of eroding our humanity through emotional manipulation through scare tactics and propaganda, such as writing “GAY PLAGUE” as a headline to discuss the aids crisis. It affects the way we view the safety of our humanity when “INVASION” is the headline on every newspaper in a city. It attacks our morality as individuals when the leading story of the day is about a serial killer referred to as “the evil butcher.” Wouldn’t you question how a human could slaughter other humans so easily, how someone that looks like you, could be evil?
Media furthers the alteration of our perception of morality through the security of chatting through a screen. The ways that anonymity alters our enforcement of and adherence to our moral boundaries, is astounding. For example, someone may feel comfortable saying things like, “im going to murder you” or “ur a dumb piece of shit” all because their identity is unknown. People more easily shame and attack others through social media because of the anonymous factor that distorts an individual’s moral boundaries when they feel invincible.

Media thrives on emotional responses from the public, the terror that is invoked when someone reads, “WAR!” or the doubt that arises when they see “FAKE NEWS” plastered on their news. But ultimately it alters each of us, individually. Media affects our trust in our community, our trust in the world. Media attacks our sense of security, our moral boundaries, and our security in our personal morality.

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